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A woman who is anchored in the revolutionary practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a woman who lives from her root.


From the inside out.

She is her own authority. Rather than bending to an outside dictated rhythm, she dances to her own depths, to her own tune.

She is a womb creatrix, living from joy, unapologetically ‘herself’, and moving with the mystery of life.

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If this description stirs longing in you, yet despite your best intentions you often find yourself lost in the demands of modern life, trying to find the Human Being beneath the Human Doing ...

or if you wish all the suffering that comes with your menstrual cycle would just go away - severe cramps, overwhelm or exhaustion, mood swings that impact your relationships & leave you feeling unstable ...


... The Rewild your Womb Deep Dive Journey offers you an opportunity to experience your cycle differently.

This journey will empower you to not only find the roots of healing your cycle but also to discover the confidence to create the life you long for, by deeply listening to yourself and what it is you really need.

You'll be held for 8 weeks as you unfold and discover your own quintessential flavour of the Feminine and embody this in your life.


In the Rewild your Womb Deep Dive....









You will unwind yourself from oppressive, unrealistic and outdated ideas about how you should be as a woman or a human being.

As you deepen your intimacy with yourself, you'll become more able to hold all of you - and move with what life presents.

You'll reclaim your creative power.

You’ll be immersed in the deep wisdom of the Feminine, wild and free, unapologetically yourself.

By coming home to your own body and listening deeply to your needs through cyclical awareness, you will challenge the feminine-suppressing ideas that have caused so much damage to our planet. You directly support the creation of a more sustainable world. 

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The world is changing.

We're returning to our Nature 

And you have inside you the magic code.


"I'm taking away so much!


The biggest shift for me is to allow space for my bleed and to reframe it - allow it to offer me the wisdom and healing that is there. AND to know how to communicate this to the people around me."


- Christine, previous course participant.

Where we'll go ... 

Explore how to flow with the 2 Wild Currents that move through you each month. Work with your changing nature rather than against it.


Travel through the beauty-filled and rich territory of your 4 Inner Seasons, discovering how to work with your Seasonal Powers and how to transform their Shadows.

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The power of Menstruation to re-set, rejuvenate you and initiate you– and how to allow this process naturally.


What to do if your life is full of commitments and you still want to experience the magic of your bleed.

The 5 Chambers of Menstruation: how these portals can lead you back to yourself and uncover clarity on what's calling you next.


words said

"Thank you for leaving such an imprint with your wisdom, knowledge, deep understanding and kindness." -  Lisa Jay, workshop participant

"Accessible and sacred. The depth, presence and reverence you brought to the topic as well as to the space was astonishing... I felt deeply seen and honored as a sister!" - Malinda,  workshop participant

Create a foundation to heal any menstrual cycle problems.

Manifest more balance and healing in your life as a whole, harnessing the feedback system of the menstrual cycle. Turn suffering into alignment with who you really are.

Use your cycle to work and play with your creativity in all areas of your life.

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Become versed in a language you can use to communicate with others about what is happening in your world. Become your own best advocate. This will have a huge impact on all your relationships.

Clear internalised shame and re-imprint your Menarche, your first initiation into womanhood (even if you don't remember it!)

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We begin on 24th May!


Here's what's included in the 8 week journey:

8 Weekly group calls with menstruality transmissions, visualisations/meditations, sharing and support. Learn from and be inspired by your journey companions as you lean into the sisterhood. Calls are recorded securely.

2 Personalised one to one mentoring sessions with me to unfold your own unique cyclical wisdom.

These hour-long sessions held in a deeply safe, confidential space grounded in embodied practice, will support your menstrual cycle wellness and empower you to enhance every area of your life through cyclical living.

We start where you are and move towards wholeness, uncovering what's needed for you to live more creatively and holistically in tune with your innate feminine wisdom and power.

2 emails a week with practical guidance & inspiration to embody cyclical wisdom into your life. This includes teaching videos, journaling exercises, and downloadable guided meditations, plus audio talks and charts. (16 teaching emails in total)

A private community space for day-to-day interaction with the group and regular support and input from me.

What Others Say

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Sally-Shakti Willow, writer

“So supportive and empowering. Khalsa created a safe & well-held space to discuss my connection to my menstrual cycle. I felt fully able to relax and to share my questions and vulnerability.

Khalsa’s wisdom, training and experience enabled her to meet me with tenderness while providing a structured session and offering a wealth of practical advice.

I fully recommend these sessions to anyone looking to enhance their connection to the rhythms of their own cycle.


This is deep & powerful work."


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Annabelle Nicoll, plant medicine practitioner

"Loving the magic woven in our session. So many musings and creative ideas were sparked in me with the guidance of Khalsa. This work reaches deep into my soul and awakens a knowledge of truth so needed for me to navigate myself in a world that's gone crazy with busyness and pressure.

I was guided back to my nature, to my power and reminded of who I am.

These sessions are for anyone wanting to step into their power, reclaim their gifts and learn to listen to their bodies as guidance systems. This is fascinating work... I left wanting more."


Siobhan Swider, musician & yoga teacher

"A discovery of how to work with my menstrual cycle that I had never known. I was given tools on how to inhabit the most sacred and feminine part of myself, an aspect that I’ve been shy of and avoidant for many years!

Khalsa's knowledge and understanding of the menstrual cycle is immense as well as her intuition with the phase I am in.

I have felt empowered ever since this time with Khalsa, by becoming more present to how my body, mind and spirit feel during the different seasons in my menstrual cycle.

Learning how to nourish and deepen a connection to my feminine divine identity to open up a new relationship with this part of myself."

Meet your Guide

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Khalsa Morgan Nichols

Red School-certified Menstruality Mentor

Through Menstrual Cycle Awareness, I've reclaimed my creative flow, power and self-love and healed severe period pain and PMS. 


I am devoted to supporting you to connect with the magic and power of your menstrual cycle as a way to heal and discover yourself.

To discover that you were always whole and to come home to the knowing of that.



I am sowing seeds for a future where we can live according to our own rhythms, in a culture and society that supports this. A world where Feminine/Yin values are as valued as Masculine/Yang ones, regardless of gender, and where the internal balance is reflected in the balance of our planet.

I draw on both my background in Psychology and Counselling and on deep feminine wisdom traditions. After several years immersed in my own Menstrual Cycle Awareness and Fertility Awareness Method practice, I qualified as a Menstruality Mentor with menstruality pioneers Red School.


I’ve worked with women for the past 13 years and have been devoted to my own spiritual/personal journey for the past 20 years, delving into many different schools and modalities, including energy healing, body-based therapies and psychotherapeutic and shadow work..


My own life initiations include:

Pregnancy, birth & single motherhood

Rebuilding a life in a new country

Healing from family trauma

Healing Premenstrual Syndrome and severe period pain

Dealing with long-term health challenges

Birthing two books

Living a nomadic lifestyle on the road

Creating two businesses

Full-time living in two conscious communities

Profound sisterhood through working with sister circles over the past 16 years.

To read more about my menstruality journey, go here.

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Why this journey and why now? 

As our world changes, we need more than ever to be awakening our own embodied wisdom, so we can anchor in new, more healthy ways of being on this planet.

On this journey, you will benefit from the knowledge, wisdom and experience of not only myself as your facilitator but also your course companions, deepening and enriching your sense of your own rich and vast inner territory and discovering insight into your own quintessential flavour of the Feminine.

Be embedded into a safely held sisterhood. Be witnessed in your experience and receive support to anchor these revolutionary concepts into your body and your life.

It's live, it's real, it's magic and in the moment!

The Journey runs from Monday 24th May to Monday 12th July.

Group calls will be 7-8:30 pm, UK time, and you can book your individual calls according to your own availability.

To allow individual attention for each participant, this journey is only available to a small intimate group.



Playlists to support each inner Season

A follow up integration (group) call

Listening partnerships (your course 'buddy' or companion)

Full PDF with all teaching content for easy, unlimited-time access

Discounts on future Wildwomb Elixir one-to-one sessions


The investment for the 8-week journey is £440. You can book your place with a £200 deposit - the rest is payable before the start of the course.


You can also get in touch to book a 30-minute chat with me to see if we're a good match to journey together.

If you’re feeling the call, then now is the time! I look forward to meeting you and would be honoured to be your guide on this journey.

"Beautifully led. I am so grateful for the opportunity to return to myself and explore my seasons with wonderment and tender care. I discovered so many pieces of self-acceptance through your wisdom and the group sharing and mirroring.


It was a truly special journey and I am slowly integrating what I have learned and hope to utilise the vast amount of tools and knowledge you offered.


Pieces seemed to drop in during the wonderful journey and container you created and I would like to recommend this work wholeheartedly.


I only wish this is something I had participated in earlier in my journey through this life. I am so happy that I can guide my young daughter with everything you shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Katherine Burchill, previous course participant

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