"If your menstrual cycle had a voice" Workshop

Run regularly once every two months

Do you, like so many women all over the world, feel out of sync with the expectations and demands of our society and general work or family culture?

Are PMS, period pain and other cyclical irregularities a normal feature of your everyday life that you feel you just need to put up with?

Do you ever wonder why sometimes you feel in effortless flow with life, everything going well - and then for no apparent reason it's all an uphill struggle, and you just want to hide under the duvet?

Do you struggle with procrastination, stuckness, or a harsh inner critic?

Or are you simply curious about how to live a life more in tune with the rhythms of your cycle?

This workshop will help you begin to tap into your menstrual cycle as an ally - rather than a source of suffering.

You will learn about the 2 wild energy currents that move through you throughout the month and about the 4 inner seasons and their powers and shadows. 

As well as learning practical information that you can take home and apply right away, you'll also have an opportunity to share about your own experiences, connect with other women and ask questions. Embodied meditation to anchor these concepts into your body is also an integral part of the session.

I am offering this workshop at a discounted price for a limited time only. To find out the next date and book your place, contact me on rewildingthewomb@gmail.com. 

Once I've received your payment, I will send you the Zoom link. I look forward to connecting and sharing this life-expanding knowledge with you!

What others say about working with me:

"Thank you so much for the journey you took us on: accessible and sacred. I have been introduced to the seasons of our cycle before, but never has it landed like I feel it has landed now! The depth, presence and reverence you brought to the topic as well as to the space was astonishing... I felt deeply seen and honoured as a sister!

I feel so nourished from your session. I'm looking forward to embodying the harmony with my cycle that intended for with this session."


— Malinda

"Beautifully led. I am so grateful for the opportunity to return to myself and explore my seasons with wonderment and tender care. I only wish this is something I had participated in earlier in my journey through this life. I am so happy that I can guide my young daughter with everything you shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


— Katherine Burchill

"Loving the magic that was weaved in our session and so much musings and creative ideas were sparked in me with the guidance of Khalsa. This work reaches deep into my soul and awakens a knowledge of truth so needed for me to navigate myself in a world that's gone crazy with busyness and pressure.


I was guided back to my nature, to my power and reminded of who I am.

These sessions are for anyone wanting to step into their power, reclaim their gifts and learn to listen to their bodies as guidance systems. Fascinating work. I left wanting more."

— Annabelle Nicoll

"My first one-to-one session with Khalsa has been so supportive and empowering. Khalsa created a safe & well-held space to discuss my connection to my menstrual cycle. I felt fully able to relax into the session to share my questions and vulnerability.

Khalsa’s wisdom, training and experience enabled her to meet me with tenderness while providing a structured session and offering a wealth of practical advice.


I fully recommend these sessions to anyone looking to enhance their connection to the rhythms of their own cycle.

This is deep & powerful work."


— Sally-Shakti Willow


"Having a session with Khalsa's Rewilding the Womb was a discovery of how to work with my menstrual cycle that I had never known. In just this first session, I was given tools on how to inhabit the most sacred and feminine part of myself.
An aspect that I’ve been shy of and avoidant for many years!


Khalsa's knowledge and understanding of the menstrual cycle is immense as well as her intuition with the phase I am in.

I have felt empowered ever since this time with Khalsa, by becoming more present to how my body, mind and spirit feel during the different seasons in my menstrual cycle.


I am also excited to continue this journey with her. Learning how to nourish and deepen a connection to my feminine divine identity to open up a new relationship with this part of myself."


— Siobhan Swider

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