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the Womb

Connect with the magic of your menstrual cycle

Heal and discover yourself

Tap into your wild power!

Be supported to find healing & change through Wildwomb Elixir or Womb Power Portal Sessions

Delve into your menstrual magic through my courses, drop-in workshops or Menstrual Magic sharing circles.

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Hello, my name is Khalsa Morgan and if you feel the call to heal, transform, discover your own body wisdom and take back your power, I'm here to support you.

Wherever you're at with your menstrual cycle now, this is your portal to discover your own inbuilt creative process and unfold your healing as you blossom into your true nature.

Are you curious? 

Do you want to heal your menstrual cycle?


Would you like to develop a deeper relationship with your cycle – not just your period, but the whole month through?


Do you want to feel more flow, ease and productivity in your life – without all the effort?

Do you long to feel more connected to your own body and to your unique power and wisdom?

Women who become fluent in the language of their cycles are better advocates for their needs and more able to create a life they love. This has a knock-on effect on all their relationships because they deeply understand themselves and the contours of their inner landscape.


Cycle-aware women experience a decrease or cessation of menstrual related symptoms and find more well-being.


And it all starts here!

For the month of June only, the Rewild your Womb Journey includes one-to-one support as well as the full self-led course, complete with video, audio & written lessons to anchor in the skills of menstrual cycle awareness to your daily life.

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I believe that to be sustainable, we need to honour the cycles of life.

Birth, death ...  summer, winter ... inward and outward ... seed-sowing and harvesting.

A time for everything.

For centuries, our industrialised world has neglected these cycles, prizing continuous, round-the-clock productivity.

Don't stop. Resting is weakness. 

Keep going, no matter what. 

Push for the results.

Pulling the maximum rewards from our planet without putting anything back.

We all know the disastrous effects of this way of being, both on our physical health and on the earth we call home.

Menstrual cycle awareness is a restorative tool for wellness and sustainability on all levels: sustainable energy levels, sustainable emotional health, and a sustainable planet. 

Ready to get started? 

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Annabelle Nicoll,

holistic therapist

"Loving the magic woven in our session. So many musings and creative ideas were sparked in me with the guidance of Khalsa. This work reaches deep into my soul and awakens a knowledge of truth so needed for me to navigate myself in a world that's gone crazy with busyness and pressure.

I was guided back to my nature, to my power and reminded of who I am.

These sessions are for anyone wanting to step into their power, reclaim their gifts and learn to listen to their bodies as guidance systems . This is fascinating work... I left wanting more." 

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Sally-Shakti Willow

writing mentor

"So supportive and empowering. Khalsa created a safe & well-held space to discuss my connection to my menstrual cycle. I felt fully able to relax and to share my questions and vulnerability.

Khalsa’s wisdom, training and experience enabled her to meet me with tenderness while providing a structured session and offering a wealth of practical advice.

I fully recommend these sessions to anyone looking to enhance their connection to the rhythms of their own cycle.

This is deep & powerful work."

Thank you Khalsa!"


Laura O'Neill


"Thank you for the consciousness that you've brought to me around my own menstruality, because turning my attention to it has changed it and has brought me to such places as this one, where I'm having pretty profound periods now.

Before I met you, I don't think I'd connected all these different strands. I was operating on a pretty rudimentary level. I had all these makeshift intuitive things that I was doing, but I wasn't doing it with the same sense of ritual and purpose and divinity that you have inspired me to."

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