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In this disconnected, tech-addicted c*vid world, is it really possible to live in deep connection with nature? 

Is it possible to live in community and still be free? 

For the past 3.5 years I've been exploring a nomadic life as I live these questions and many others.


Weaving in and out of 'wild camping' in a van, living on smallholdings & staying in intentional spiritual or personal development communities. 

Looking for roots, looking for home. Looking for that sweet spot where individual sovereignty and community connection can co-exist.

Dancing with the questions & their elusive answers through making music, poetry & writing from my experiences. 

All of this time, I had a travelling companion to share the decisions & the practicals with. Since mid-May 2020, I've been going solo.

A big challenge for a dyspraxic with zero fire-making & fixing skills.


But still, I am called to go deeper.

Into my music, into nature, into solitude and into aligned community.


Will you join me? 

My name is Khalsa Morgan and I'm a permanently curious curator of experiences and earth wisdom.

In November 2017, I went from being a single working mother of  8 years to joining the rare species of "alternate weekend mom", when my 10-year-old, Lego-loving son elected to live with his father.

This brought a whole new range of financial and practical challenges into my life, but it also opened up new & deliciously exciting possibilities.

Because I was always happiest on a field, or in a forest, with (as taboo as it is to say this ...) oodles of time to myself.

The latter didn't immediately manifest, but the adventure and nature proximity did.

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I followed my dormant wanderlust from a conventional urban-renting-a-house situation to living in a van with my partner, travelling around the UK as we explored alternative, intentional and earth-based communities and sacred sites, looking for "home" and having a lot of fun along the way.

And yes, we did start this entire journey in the deepest winter. When we spent 10 days in remote Welsh locations in the summer, the idea for my second book was born, a memoir following my journeys into conscious intimate relationship, nomadic, simple living, and transitioning from full-time single-motherhood to part-time mothering.


'Wild Wandering Arc' follows a rich and winding path through discoveries in healing through nature, spontaneity and working with the archetypal wounding between the masculine and feminine. 

This book is also about being, slowing down and experiencing the deeper layers of the self and of nature.  

Now, I've made the ancient land of Wales my home-for-now, caravan-living while volunteering at an ecovillage which is the first of its kind in the UK.


My next adventure is exploring cobhouse living a Welsh back-to-land spiritland I fell in love with on first sight, with its Mountain of Angels standing as Guardian and its completely natural, earth material houses hidden within the trees.

No tech, no electricity, just the rhythm of stars and sun.

After that ... who knows?

One of my Soulcrafted songs 

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about my music

"I felt transported to an ethereal place. Radiant, in a kind of sensual, magical way." - Sophia

"Quietly symphonic and fulll of wisdom." - James


"Magical, ethereal and timeless." - Calissa

"Tender flowering spirit of femininity." - Tanya

about my previous book,
'Wild Motherhood'

"Brutally honest, beautifully written." - Sara-Mae Tuson, author, former editor of Trespass Magazine and The London Miscellany.


.“A deep journey into the shadow and unspoken lives of mothers. I celebrate your determined effort to speak the unspoken” – Catherine Lee, mother, musician.

follow my wild wandering path & light up your own

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~ Plus, a personal monthly tree oracle by email. Use the guidance of the trees and the art of the ancient Druid Ogham to water your inspiration & fire up your life.

~ You'll have first priority on my one-to-one sessions (which will be very limited  due to low-tech lifestyle!) and receive a 15 % discount off one-to-one sessions with me, including Soulcrafted Song, Cavetime with Khalsa & Wildwomb Elixir (for womb-owners with menstrual cycles).


Reclaiming broken & lost dreams

A song: What I learned from the river

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