About me 

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My Background

I'm Khalsa Morgan, a Red School certified Menstruality Mentor. I've have worked with women for the past 13 years, supporting, empowering and listening.


I have a postgraduate Psychology degree, have trained as a crisis counsellor and a holistic practitioner, and worked as a Breastfeeding Counsellor. 


It is an honour to be part of the ever-evolving body of knowledge, wisdom and experience of menstruality and to contribute to the healing and empowerment of women, and thereby, the world.

My Mission

My intention is to help women connect with the magic and power of their menstrual cycles, to heal and to discover themselves.


I want to help create a world where women can live according to their own rhythms, in a society that supports this. I educate and mentor women to listen deeply to their own bodies and discover the hidden powers of their cycle.

Ever wondered why sometimes you’re creatively on fire and super productive... …and at other times, you long for a duvet day? 

Do you notice times when you're sociable and other times irritable and wanting to be alone? 

Do you feel like there's something wrong with you for changing so often? 

It's supposed to be that way.... 

And Menstrual Cycle Awareness will empower you to understand why and how you ride the waves of your beautifully changing nature. 


My menstruality story

I’ve always been heavily affected by my cycle. The week leading up to my period (or 'moontime', or what I prefer to call 'my bleed') would typically look like this: fits of weeping for no particular reason (or every reason), sharp, uncontrollable outbursts of irritability, and deep despondency about my entire life.

I dreaded it and hated it, and although the arrival of blood itself would bring relief from the emotional rollercoaster, it was only to be replaced by 1-2 days of harsh physical pain, usually requiring the permanent plastering of a hot water bottle to my abdomen.
And then I discovered Menstrual Cycle Awareness. I started to separate out what used to be just ‘Horrendous PMS week’ and ‘The Rest of the Month, which feels OK’ into the much more subtle inner seasons of spring (pre-ovulatory phase), summer (ovulatory phase), autumn (premenstrual phase) and winter (the time just before my bleed and the first 3 days of bleeding).

This revolutionised the way I paced myself and organised my work, mothering, and other tasks, leading to more fulfilment and a feeling of aligning more with how I really wanted to live and be.  

With this loving attention, my ‘PMS’ started to calm down. In fact, as I started to attend to my own needs and communicate about them to my partner, it was often barely noticeable - particularly if I simply had enough space and autonomy during that time. Which I was more and more motivated to create. My pain also lessened, with rest and listening to my body. Conflicts in relationships eased and my relationship with myself, my creativity and my body became much stronger. 

A key book on my journey was ‘Wild Power’ by my teachers, menstruality pioneer Alexandra Pope and the gifted Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. Working with this book was so revelatory that I felt moved to do the 7-month Women’s Quest Apprenticeship with Alexandra and Sjanie’s Red School, which was a deep immersion into Menstruality Mentorship training.


I then began to weave menstrual cycle awareness into many of the women’s circles I held, and to seed a menstruality consciousness in my community - with many beautiful results.