One to One Sessions

Wildwomb Elixir Sessions

Whether you have menstrual cycle irregularities & symptoms or simply want to live more creatively and holistically, in tune with your innate feminine wisdom and power, these sessions will unlock the medicine of your unique menstrual cycle!

These are hour-long sessions to support your menstrual cycle wellness and empower you to enhance every area of your life through cyclical living. 

We start where you are and move towards healing. I'll also give you practices to do in-between and follow up with you by email.

Sessions by Zoom video call.

£190/€200 for a block of 3 bi-weekly or monthly sessions, including follow-ups. 

"Having a session with Khalsa was a discovery of how to work with my menstrual cycle that I had never known. In just this first session, I was given tools on how to inhabit the most sacred and feminine part of myself. An aspect that I’ve been shy of and avoidant for many years!

Khalsa's knowledge and understanding of the menstrual cycle is immense as well as her intuition with the phase I am in.

I have felt empowered ever since this time with Khalsa, by becoming more present to how my body, mind and spirit feel during the different seasons in my menstrual cycle.

I am also excited to continue this journey with her. Learning how to nourish and deepen a connection to my feminine divine identity to open up a new relationship with this part of myself.

Thank you Khalsa!"

— Siobhan Swider, musician and healer

Womb Power Portal Session

1 hour menstruality mentorship session to explore the powers of your menstrual cycle, using the uncannily accurate Red Power cards. I provide a safe, deeply listening and confidential space for you to look closely at your inner 'seasons', the ever-changing territory of your menstrual cycle, and to find the points of change and healing.

£60/€70 for an hour-long session via Zoom video call.

"I had an incredible and deep Womb Power Portal session with Khalsa. Not only was the reading spot on with where I was in my moon cycle, but she was able to guide me intuitively to where I needed to focus my intentions (perfectly for the situation I was in, I might add). I have also witnessed mini-sessions with other women, and not only did I learn more with each share, but I felt the resonance with each woman as Khalsa shared her gifts. The wisdom and love Khalsa brings to each and every woman is absolutely priceless. Thank you!"
Erica Workman, health professional.



Conversations with the Divine Feminine Podcast

Co-Creating with your Cyclical Nature for more Flow, Clarity & Bliss: Tune in to the podcast here!

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